Mandarin Oak Service Use

  1. User is hereby allowed to use the Mandarin Oak Service subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy on the Mandarin Oak Website (“Terms”). Mandarin Oak retains the right to change the Terms from time to time and such modified Terms shall be immediately applicable. Every time you use the Mandarin Oak Service, shall constitute your acceptance of changes made to Terms. For detailed terms, please refer our website


  1. You agree to take reasonable care when providing Mandarin Oak with your details and warrant that these details are accurate and complete at the time of ordering food. You also warrant that the credit or debit card details that you provide are of your own credit or debit card.
  2. Mandarin Oak ensures quality standards and is solely responsible and liable for all and any issues and cases pertaining to the quality of the food or order for eg. veg/non-veg labeling etc but not limited to this, to the User directly.
  3. User understands that some type of Food may be suitable for Users within certain age ranges only. It is your sole responsibility to check whether the Food you are ordering is suitable for the intended recipient.

Prices and Payment

  1. All prices listed on the Mandarin Oak Website for Food is correct at the time of publication. While Mandarin Oak takes great care to keep them up to date, the final price charged to you may change at the time of delivery, based on the latest menu and prices. Mandarin Oak reserves the right to alter the menu of Food available for sale on the Mandarin Oak Website and to delete and remove from listing the menu of Food and Food Delivery options, if any.
  2. User agrees that in case of change in price, Mandarin Oak or its employees will not be liable to him in any manner.
  3. The total price for Food and Food Delivery including all other charges, taxes, costs, if any, will be displayed on the Mandarin Oak App and/or Website when you place your order. Full payment must be made for all the particulars mentioned in the order.
  4. If you choose online payment, you shall ensure that online payment mode is secured, your debit/credit card details will be encrypted to prevent the possibility of someone being able to read them as they are sent over the internet. Your credit card company may also conduct necessary security checks to confirm about your identification before making any such payment.


  1. Delivery period quoted at the time of ordering are approximate only and may vary. Food will be delivered to the address as intimated by you while ordering.
  2. Mandarin Oak will make every effort to deliver within the time stated; however, Mandarin Oak will not be liable for any loss caused to you by late delivery. If the Food is not delivered within the estimated delivery time quoted, User may contact Mandarin Oak by email and Mandarin Oak will try to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as reasonably possible.
  3. In case of a late delivery, the delivery charge will neither be voided nor refunded by Mandarin Oak.
  4. If you fail to accept delivery of Food at the time they are ready for delivery or Mandarin Oak is unable to deliver at the nominated time due to your failure to provide appropriate instructions or authorizations, then the Food shall be deemed to have been delivered to you and all risk and responsibility in relation to such Food shall pass to you. Any storage, insurance and other costs which Mandarin Oak incur as a result of the inability to deliver shall be your responsibility and you shall indemnify Mandarin Oak in full for such cost.
  5. You must ensure that at the time of delivery of Food adequate arrangements, including access where necessary, are in place for the safe delivery of the Food. Mandarin Oak cannot be held liable for any damage, cost or expense incurred to such Food as a result of a failure to provide adequate access or arrangements for delivery.

Refund Policy

  1. Refund will be credited to the customer in case of any cancellations within 7-8 days.

Personal Information and Privacy

  1. User understands and acknowledges that by choosing Mandarin Oak you have allowed Mandarin Oak to use your personal information.
  2. User understands, acknowledges and agrees that although Mandarin Oak provides appropriate firewalls and protections, the Mandarin Oak Service is not hack proof. Data pilferage due to unauthorized hacking, virus attacks, technical issues is possible.
  3. In case Mandarin Oak is required to disclose your personal information in order to assist the Government Authority or in adherence to the Court Order or to protect the interest of the Mandarin Oak Service and/or any particular user(s), Mandarin Oak will disclose it without obtaining prior permission from you. You authorize us to disclose your personal information.
  4. Your use of this site means that we have your consent to send periodic communication regarding offers, alerts and updates. This communication can be through SMS, emails or any other communication tool.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights of the Mandarin Oak, including but not limited to copyright, logos, names, trademarks, service marks, design, text, sound recordings, images, links, concepts and themes are exclusively owned by the Mandarin Oak. Any reproduction, transmission, publication, performance, broadcast, alteration, license, hyperlink, creation of derivative works or other use in whole or in part in any manner is strictly prohibited.
  2. Mandarin Oak is a brand, owned and operated by Rebel Foods Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Write to us at or speak at 7777085452.
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